To Small Businesses: Stop Wasting Time. Stop Blogging!

Since day one of owning your small business website, experts have told you that you MUST blog regularly if you want to be successful online and compete with your competitors in the search engine results.
Those experts are wrong. Blogging is time-consuming, overwhelming and it’s tough to come up with topics to write about every week.
In “To Small Businesses: Stop Wasting Time. Stop Blogging!” Travis Pflanz, of WebWorks of KC, gives advice, tips and tricks for creating website content that is more valuable than blog posts. This actionable advice will immediately help small business owners out-perform their competitors in Google search results.
As a search engine optimization professional, Travis creates SEO strategies for businesses with budgets of all sizes. Even small businesses with a zero dollar SEO budget can implement the strategies presented in “To Small Businesses: Stop Wasting Time. Stop Blogging!” to outrank their competition.
Stop blogging and start creating content that out-performs the competition – Now!
This presentation also includes tools and plugins recommendations for website owners to use on their WordPress website.
Who is this presentation for? – “To Small Businesses: Stop Wasting Time. Stop Blogging!” is for any small business owner who dreads coming up with a topic to blog about. This presentation is especially beneficial for small business owners who target local customers or clients.